The Artist

I am an Artist and Illustrator, now living in Wales. I began painting figurative watercolour artwork in about 1990 and held three successful solo exhibitions in Switzerland. My paintings have been bought by private individuals and for corporate collections.
After the exhibition work I made 40 watercolour paintings and ink drawings of cats for a book project - a collection of humorous cat poems - and also worked on private and corporate commissions.

I took a break from painting for more than ten years, as I felt unsatisfied with representational painting and was developing ideas for surrealist images. I then began painting in oils in a surrealist style juxtaposing fantasy and reality. Often using symbolism and mythology, my paintings are sometimes a comment on human nature and some images portray a critical view of environmental or socio-political issues, either openly or masked in symbolism. My surrealistic new work does not appear on this website (with the exception of the Home Page image, "Lucky Tit")
Andy Warhol's  Dog (detail)

Painter cat